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about classified ads

What are Classified Ads?

Classified Advertising (or classified ads for short) already defines itself. It simply refers to short advertorials which have been classified or grouped under specific categories such as real estate, jobs, fashion, services, community, etc. Historically, these were published in newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. Nowadays, they feature prominently online on dedicated websites.

Therefore, classified ads websites are websites which allow individuals and businesses alike to post ads online. Not all these websites accommodate ads in all types of categories under the sky. Some are niche and streamlined. An example is Rack Fashion which hosts only fashion-related ads.


Who can post Classified Ads?

Many individuals like to advertise on classified ads websites. Individuals selling unwanted household and other personal items. Items such as used vehicles, pets, furniture, shoes, etc. They are popular due to the fact that they are either absolutely free or inexpensive. Petty traders find the use of classified ads websites very cost-effective as well.


How to post Classified Ads?

Placing ads will depend on which media the advertorial will be published. In the case of newspapers and other print media someone within the newspaper company will be responsible for publishing your ad. The case is different with classified ads websites. The Internet is readily accessible by many and these websites have simplified ads publishing. What this means is that you basically own ad publishing, editing and deleting control. You may have to register a free account to enable you use a classified ads website.


Why Classified Ads sites?

In other to post classified ads you may have to pay from little to no charge at all. In fact most classified ads sites offer their services free. Some combine both models. That is, some types of ads are free. Others are chargeable. For instance, some classified ads websites will charge you to feature your ads or they might simply charge if you wish to post your ads under certain categories.