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Online Shopping in Nigeria

Online Shopping in Nigeria


Cheaper and increased access to the Internet in Nigeria has brought about a burgeoning effect on online shopping in Nigeria. These days for any search query online, you will find an online store on the Nigerian cyberspace. Shoppers dealing with busier work schedules are seeking out more convenient and time-saving alternatives to traditional in-store shopping. The concept of online shopping is set to catch like wildfire and redefine how Nigerians buy and sell.


How it Works

A sub-topic like “How Online Shopping in Nigeria Works?” may sound unnecessary for those only familiar with how online shopping works in more developed countries of the world. If you however consider that payment and order delivery systems in Nigeria are still evolving and not yet as developed as in Europe and America one will see the need for such sub-topic.

A seller either creates, hosts and maintains their own website or may list on the swelling list of classified ads sites in Nigeria. If you list on a classified ads website, you do not own the website and as a result are not responsible for maintaining the site. All you are responsible for is posting and managing your ads. Rack is a classified ads website in Nigeria for fashion and accessories.

A buyer searches for whatever they wish to buy on a website or enters a search query on Google to find a website selling that item. When you find the item and are satisfied with the pictures, condition, description, price, etc you can then go on to place an order online, by email or by telephone. In Nigeria, the majority of websites still utilise traditional payment systems such as bank account transfers and payment on delivery. Due to the spate of online scams in Nigeria, the safest payment method is payment on delivery.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, you might have to deal with ordering errors and returns. And for those yet to get involved, the advantages of online shopping in Nigeria outweigh the disadvantages.


Merits of Online Shopping

Merits of Online Shopping in Nigeria

Online shopping in Nigeria has its benefits. Below are some of them:

  • Convenience: The convenience in shopping from the comfort of your office chair, home couch or even on the move is priceless!
  • Cost Saving: Online shopping means that you save on transportation. You also totally avoid store parking fees.
  • Time Saving: The time it would have taken you to travel to a store is saved. There will also be no need to waste time standing in line. Waiting times can be frustratingly long on holidays and other busy days. An online shopper is also able to visit more stores than s/he could ever visit in-store in person.
  • Spoilt for choice: You are spoilt for choice when you shop online. This is because stores are able to display more goods online than in-store. In-store, the quantity of goods a seller can display is restricted by the available physical shop space.
  • Environment: Are you one of those who care about the environment? Our delicate environment is better off with online shopping. Online shopping means fewer vehicles travelling and releasing exhaust fumes.
  • More access to deals: An online shopper can visit more stores and compare more products and prices. S/he is more likely to find more deals.


Demerits of Online Shopping

Merits of Online Shopping in Nigeria

Just like many other things, online shopping in Nigeria as is anywhere else has its demerits. They include the following:

  • Limited help: Sometimes you need more product information when shopping. The online shopper has limited access to store staff assistance.
  • Card fraud: As long as you make payments via electronic means e.g. credit card, debit card, bank transfer or Paypal you are at risk of payment fraud and identity theft. Payment online however exposes you to a greater level of risk because it is easier to intercept your personal and payment details. (To read more on scams online, see Online Investment Scams and How to Avoid Identity Theft).
  • Returns and refund: There is an increased possibility you will have to return an item which has been bought online. Make sure to read the vendors’ return policy carefully when placing an order.
  • Seller dishonesty: Vendors with fraudulent intent are common online. Fraudulent sellers can send you a defective item or an item not matching the picture displayed on their website or outrightly fail to send out item after receiving payment. Arranging a return, replacement or refund with an intentionally dishonest seller can be very frustrating. Read our safety advice for guidance on online shopping in Nigeria.



Online shopping in Nigeria is here to stay and catching on fast. It offers the seller a cheaper way of doing business and a buyer the convenience of shopping. It can be very safe if caution is exercised.