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Safety advice

Think safety when you buy and sell on any classifieds website

Buying and selling online or through someone you have found online comes with considerable risk. You should never place yourself in any risky situation. We care about your safety when you shop online and have compiled below a few tips we believe might help safeguard you when you buy and sell online. Please note that they are not however conclusive.

Staying safe…

  • Be wary when the details and/or location of an item is sketchy or vague.
  • Avoid viewing a product or meeting up at night.
  • Avoid letting strangers into your home and if you must, ensure that you are not alone.
  • When you meet in public, ensure it is at a safe place and preferably not by yourself.
  • Ask lots of questions about your object of interest.
  • Seek second opinion if unsure of anything.
  • Be wary when seller is uncomfortable with your questioning about the product.
  • Avoid carrying large sums of cash on your person when meeting up.
  • Having a seller’s bank, personal or social media account details is NOT guarantee against scam.
  • Be wary of ads with web links to external websites. Fraudsters may infect your computer with malware.
  • Be wary if you are put under undue pressure to complete the transaction too quickly.
  • Be wary if the deal sounds too good to be true.
  • Exercise caution ALWAYS. You CANNOT be too cautious.
  • Report suspicious ads to us. We will investigate them.

Payment Advice…

  • Pay Cash on Delivery whenever possible.
  • Avoid accepting cheque payments as you cannot guarantee they will not bounce.
  • If you accept cashless payment confirm cleared payment before parting with your goods.
  • Avoid sending payment or deposit for goods you have not seen, received and/or tried.
  • Immediately demand a receipt or other acceptable evidence of payment for your purchase ALWAYS.

When buying goods…

  • Request photos of goods but avoid buying based solely on photographs especially from an unknown seller.
  • Confirm that the seller’s place of trade e.g. shop or office is truly theirs if they say it is.
  • Demand the seller’s proof of original purchase for used items to avoid handling stolen goods.
  • Always remove an item from the package to recheck that it is the same one you paid for. Unscrupulous sellers may exchange an item just before packaging if you are not looking.
  • If possible buy from sellers who offer a warranty or accept returns.

When selling goods…

  • Always meet buyers at your place of trade e.g. shop or office if you have one.
  • Always record item unique identifier e.g. serial number in purchase receipt. Unscrupulous buyers have been known to return previously-owned damaged goods similar to that purchased.
  • If you accept returns endeavour to record the condition of the item before sale. A good idea would be to photograph damages in a used good for sale.